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HAE Junior

HAE Junior is a Czech non-profit patient organization seeking to improve the quality of life of children and young people suffering from hereditary angioedema (HAE). The organization was established in December 2019 in Prague by a group of parents of HAE paediatric patients.

Our goals

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Actively support, represent and defend the interests of our patient members for a better quality of life, including access to modern medication, therapies and healthcare.

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Provide information and counselling on HAE issues in children and adolescents.

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Develop mutual cooperation and exchange of experiences among families with children/youth with HAE at both national and international level.

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Develop cooperation with health professionals, teachers and other specialists working with children and adolescents with HAE for their better integration.

Get involved

Everyone can get involved and help. It's just a matter of choosing the way that suits you best.


Membership forms are available in Czech language only.

You can send your duly completed and signed application form by post or deliver it in person.

You become a member once the application is approved and an appropriate membership fee is paid.

The minimum membership fee is CZK 100/year for members under the age of 18 and CZK 200/year for adults. You can send your membership fee to our bank account with a note that includes the YEAR and the member’s name.

HAE Junior
IBAN CZ7920100000002001782429


  • Are you looking for a meaningful opportunity to help as a volunteer?

If so, let us know and we will be happy to get you involved.


  • Do you want to help, but don't have time to get actively involved?

If so, you can become a regular or occasional donor to our organization. You can send/transfer your financial donations to our bank account. Donors interested in receiving a donation confirmation for tax purposes can send us their details to the contact email of our organization.

HAE Junior
IBAN CZ7920100000002001782429


HAE Junior - Zapojte se, Dárci, členství, dobrovolnictví


HAE Junior non-profit organisation
Wichterlova 2372/8, 
Prague 8, 182 00
Organisation ID 08749787

704 007 717

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Podpoříte nás ? Hae Junior

You can send your financial donation also to our bank account 2001782429/2010.


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